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FAITH Magazine has now been published for 70 years. It is published by Life-Study Fellowship bi-monthly and provides an everyday source of inspiration, guidance and comfort. Through the pages of FAITH, Fellowship Members unite in Daily Prayer with one another and share the message of a Daily Bible Verse. In addition, FAITH offers wonderful stories and articles, Bible readings, humor, and even household hints and recipes. Its 32 pages of happiness, strength and peace of mind make FAITH "A True Friend" to thousands of people every day, all around the world. Once you start reading FAITH, you will never want to be without it again!

By producing and publishing beautiful and inspiring Fellowship Prayers, and sending them to people in need, Life-Study Fellowship has helped countless numbers of people. These Fellowship Prayers have been written over the years in response to peoples' needs and requests, so they address all types of personal situations, problems and concerns. Fellowship Prayers are beautifully written - offering hope, comfort and inspiration while encouraging self-help and responsibility.

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