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August 27. “How great is His goodness” Zechariah 9:17
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For 74 years, Life-Study Fellowship, publisher of FAITH Magazine, inspiring Fellowship Prayers, and the best selling book "With God All Things Are Possible" (more than one million copies sold), has helped people all around the world find greater success, happiness and peace
of mind.

FAITH magazineSo many wonderful letters have been sent to us over the years from thankful and appreciative people whose lives have been changed for the better. That appreciation encourages us to keep on with our work of inspirational publishing... to promote greater personal good fortune and happiness... to help make this a more harmonious and peaceful world.

The work of Life-Study Fellowship is supported by the generous voluntary contributions of all those who receive and benefit from our inspirational publications. There are no membership dues or fees. Life-Study Fellowship Foundation, Inc. is a recognized
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As the mercury rises, it creates a special opportunity for you to cool off, slow down and consider the message of our Summertime issue of Faith Magazine . . . 75 years of Fellowship Bible Study. Every issue of FAITH offers our readers a variety of Bible Verses because we think it’s so important to share the living word of God. Yes, we call it the “living” word because its messages are timeless. They can apply to the situations and problems of today, as well as those of the past. Please enjoy our Summer edition of FAITH. May its features inspire you and give you food for thought!

We are privileged to share our Daily Prayers with you. We hope you enjoy them and all the wonderful articles in this Easter and springtime edition of Faith Magazine!

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