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"I thank God and the people at Fellowship for your prayer help through the years!" W F, Georgia

"I thank the Lord for guiding me to join with Life-Study Fellowship. I know how to talk to God but sometimes I just don’t know how to express myself clearly. That’s why I appreciate your prayer help so much!" -- G.T., Ohio

"I feel so good reading FAITH and your prayer help. Your literature is very good for the soul!" -- Florence J. in Louisiana


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Bible Quote of the Day

August 31. “Surely I will be with thee” Judges 6:16
Prayer Help

Dear Friend,

There are probably times when you say to yourself...... "How I wish that my 'hard times' would end - and that God would Bless me with more 'Good Fortune' in life!"

Just to long for Good Fortune is not enough. You must ask God to help you! Ask Him by saying those Words of Prayer that say what you really mean.

Here is one simple, powerful way to do that. Look through the PRAYER HELP FORM that is on the next page. Check the questions that are most important to you and send to Life-Study Fellowship. Then.... a whole wonderful series of things can happen.

Our Personal Help Department will read and review your individual problems and send you the very Fellowship Prayers you need to help you ask God for His Blessings in a sincere and loving manner. . . to help you ask God for the Good Fortune you so deeply desire.

Dear Friend, what is "Good Fortune"? It simply means more of "God's Goodness"- more Blessings- which only He can bestow in answer to your Prayers! That is why we want to help you to pray for the "Good Fortune" you are seeking. That is why we want to help you find God's Bountiful Treasures of New Peace and Happiness!

Here is how to help make today your Good Fortune Day. Go to the PRAYER HELP FORM. Think carefully about each of these important questions. Then place an "X" beside every question that you really feel concerns you. And if you have any other special problems, or wish to add something else, use the writing space available.

After you have completed your PRAYER HELP FORM, send it to us immediately. Our Personal Help Department will read and review your answers and make an individual analysis of your needs. They will then rush to you, the special Prayers for "Good Fortune" for you to use.

coinYou will also receive a beautiful "Hands of Prayer Pocket Piece". It is a gift with meaning. The praying hands are the symbol that all good things come from God. And the message - - "With God All Things are Possible"- - is the wonderful news of hope and faith in our lives. And please remember... When you receive your Fellowship Prayers for "Good Fortune" use them as often as you feel the need.

So please... if you have problems of any kind - if the Good Fortune you wish for concerns a more abundant life ... better health ... greater prosperity... true happiness - don't let your hope for these good things slip away! Send us your completed PRAYER HELP FORM TODAY.

And one more thing: we know you will be pleased with your beautiful gift - the "Hands of Prayer Pocket Piece".


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